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Supporting an individual along a journey of coaching, learning and aspiration is a dynamic, challenging and an incredibly privileged position to be in. I am fully committed to the following with anyone that I work with:

  • Work within a complete framework of trust and integrity at all times
  • Develop a professional relationship that centres around honest, objective and authentic interaction at all levels
  • Create a platform of development that enables me to bring to the process many years of experience in leadership development, training, coaching, management and operational experience in order to provide a return on your investment
  • Manage all activity in an open and convivial way to ensure that the experience is pleasant and enjoyable!

Our Services


Follow the action taken by numerous business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior executives who have worked with us to facilitate their personal journey to becoming more sophisticated leaders through our executive coaching offering.

The process we use is very individual and is designed to be personal and completely bespoke to you. All development is in line with our commitment statement and has integrity and confidentiality at the core.

We begin by looking at your personal “wiring” though our incredibly successful personal profiling process, work on your personal leadership brand and determine exactly what you need to work on. This focusses on both you personally and also in your business to be a more sophisticated influencer in the situations that you find yourself in, both internally and externally.

We pride ourselves in making a positive and memorable, personal impact. It is always one of the main focus points of the process so that you get the most out of the experience.

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Our flagship and most taken up leadership programme for teams of leaders.
This programme will facilitate personal and team growth, bonding, problem sharing and solving and a galvanisation of the team members. 

The programme includes:

  • Personality profiling
  • Group learning and action sessions to develop the team leadership capability 
  • One to One leadership coaching to develop personal leadership skill and brand


Co-delivered with Olympian and Commonwealth Games elite athlete, Heather Fisher OLY, this programme is aimed at helping those in senior leadership positions “transition” from one leadership “field” to another. This would suit athletes, veterans, public sector professionals, Emergency Services and more.  The programme serves to ready individuals for the next leadership challenge and prepares them to be able to translate their skills and experience expeditiously and confidently. The programme includes:

  • Personality profiling
  • Personal planning for Preparation, Action, Transition and Activation as part of the Fisher Tracey Leadership Cycle
  • 2 Day Residential to kick off the learning and programme
  • One to One leadership coaching by Karen Tracey
  • One to one leadership mentoring by Heather Fisher OLY
  • Peer Learning sessions
  • Transition planning


Our newest and hugely successful addition to our programme suite. Designed for the most senior executive or entrepreneur in mind, within this programme, we help participants create and deliver an important speech or address. With four key elements to the programme, we focus on the creation, development, delivery and perfection of the message. The main focus is that “you deliver!” . 

The programme includes:

  • Individual sessions to discuss and begin the creation of the message
  • Personal help and assistance to develop the narrative
  • Coaching and mentoring to help you perfect the delivery


Co-delivered with entrepreneurs and business leaders from our growing and dynamic “collaborator pool”, this programme is aimed at helping business owners develop a vision and plan to scale their organisations and to lead their team into the future . This would suit those business owners who cannot seem to get their scaling plans off the ground but know they have the talent and proposition to do it.  The programme serves to create action and traction whilst taking the leadership team along a path of learning and focus.
The programme includes:

  • Development of Vision, Values and Organisational KPIs
  • Development of the people strategy
  • Development of a governance plan to facilitate growth
  • Development of a stakeholder and network infrastructure fit for purpose for the vision

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Specialising in Leadership development for Senior Executives, senior teams, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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Our international award-winning team of professionals has more than 30 years of experience in developing people in leadership skill

Karen Tracey

Owner, Leadership Executive Coach and Leadership Specialist

Muneerah Dubidat

Admin and Business Coordinator