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A powerful community for CEOs who aspire to growing their businesses and themselves

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Why Choose to be a member of the CEO Connections group?
Mastermind Your Success
Imagine having a board of experienced colleagues and confidants at your fingertips. Our monthly gatherings harness collective wisdom to help you solve challenges, embrace opportunities and propel your business to new heights. Professionally and expertly facilitated by experienced specialists in leadership and HR.
Learn & Lead
Stay ahead of the CEO leadership curve with our exclusive workshops led by experts in their field. Learning is focussed on your continuous growth that amplifies your leadership capability and brand.
Guidance from Experts
Our seasoned leadership and HR experts, who also happen to be successful entrepreneurs in their own right, guide discussions, challenge thinking and offer insights. They ensure all members of the group are equally served and gaining from the process.
Trustworthy & Confidential
In CEO Connections, confidentiality is sacrosanct. Feel free to discuss your successes, wins and challenges in a supportive environment that understands your journey and the importance of preserving privacy.
Forge Lasting Relationships with like minded people also running businesses and organisations
Connect with a handpicked group of CEOs from diverse industries. Cultivate powerful relationships that open doors to fresh perspectives, insights and game-changing collaborations.
Your Spotlight
Our track record of nurturing CEOs on an individual and group basis speaks volumes about the impact we can have on your professional and personal growth. We’re focussed on you and your business and what you all need as a group.
Monthly Power Sessions
Experience our structured monthly meet ups that seamlessly blend mutual support, strategic group discussion, skill enhancement and decision making. Bid farewell to feeling like a solitary CEO and start developing a relationship with a group of people who really do get what it is like to be in your world!
Quarterly Networking Socials
Experience our informal, quarterly meet ups that not only bring together the CEO Connections group but also visiting business owners, speakers and supporters. Designed to create a flexible and more social atmosphere where members can bring guests to meet and greet network and discuss things that are on their minds.
Midlands Based
Strategically located in the Midlands, our meet ups are easily accessible, designed to respect your schedule and connect you to other local CEOs whilst offering national and international opportunities and connections.
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A powerful community for CEOs who aspire to growing their businesses and themselves.
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