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As a business owner, is your exit plan in place? How else will you secure your legacy?

Your passion and hard work has driven your business and now it’s time to craft a future where your business may continually thrive but continues to flourish under new leadership.  

Craft Your Exit Strategy:
Insights from Those Who've Been There

Navigating the landscape of business exit often requires the guidance of those who’ve walked that path. In our programme, you’ll gain from the invaluable expertise of: 

.Leadership Visionaries

Our team of leadership specialists will help you identify and nurture the next generation of leaders within your organisation and equip your successors with the tools to not just continue but elevate your legacy and their leadership capability.

.Exit Champions

Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs who have facilitated their own exits, selling their businesses at peak value. Their real-world stories and strategies will inspire and guide your journey.


Commercial Initial

A comprehensive, bespoke and non judgmental assessment of you, your team and your business proposition to ascertain key wants, needs and commercial standing.

Commercial Systems
and Process Audit
A comprehensive, bespoke and non judgmental audit of your business set up to ascertain key strengths and weaknesses that should be aware of during a sale as well as the opportunities open to you and any threats that you should be cognisant of.
Benefit from insights on assessing preferences and styles of your senior team as part of the succession planning process.
Detailed analysis of your people and business in order to craft a bespoke programme that meets the needs of your exit goals.
Succession Plan
Collaborate with experts to tailor an exit and succession plan that aligns with your aspirations and timeline.
Tap into the wealth of leadership knowledge, experience and skill to develop a robust talent pipeline for your business’s success.

and Beyond

isn’t just a program in our eyes,
it’s a partnership, and one that’s powered by:

Entrepreneurs who have direct experience of Business Sale

Learn from those who’ve not only built and supported growing businesses, but have strategically and lucratively sold them. Their guidance will navigate you towards the exit process. 

A Potential Peer Learning Network

Engage with a community of like-minded CEOs and owners to share insights, challenges, and successes on their journey to exit and legacy

Leadership Gurus
Our leadership specialists will coach, mentor and support you on honing leadership skills in your successors, fostering a culture of growth and innovation.

Your exit and legacy deserves to be planned and secured. With The Business and Beyond Programme, you’ll harness the collective wisdom of business sale and leadership specialists. Together, we’ll discuss and plan your exit, legacy, and help you identify and cultivate the leaders who’ll carry your vision forward. 

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Creators and Directors

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Karen Tracey

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