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Welcome to the Dunelm Leaders Website

It is so great to have you along to take a look at all our leadership development solutions on the site today.

My team, my collaborator network and I really hope that you find some interesting content that will help you in your leadership journey. Of course, if you’re here to take a look at some of our leadership programmes or coaching offerings – by all means, give us a buzz, we will be more than happy to chat through with you how we help individuals and businesses all over the world with developing their leadership capability.

But how did I get here? People ask me this all the time! It’s been a 40 year journey since I emerged from education and entered the professional world. That’s where my leadership development started and that’s when leadership became my life long profession.

I was always fascinated by leadership if I am honest. Even before I entered the world of work. It intrigued me how by a “slight of tone” or focus on “positioning”, another person could be either motivated or left feeling powerless in one single move or sentence.

Of course, in the early days, I certainly didn’t fully understand this fascinating skill! As my first entry into the world of work was in the military, however – I soon learned!

Executive Coach – Leadership Specialist – Speaker
Director and Founder of Dunelm Leaders Ltd
Company Founded in 2010