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Our commitment

Supporting an individual along a journey of coaching, learning and aspiration is a dynamic, challenging and incredibly privileged position.


What our clients say

"Karen has been an integral part of our organisation for over a decade, working across all business groups and employee levels with remarkable success. Karens guidance and training in performance management, leadership development and personal growth have significantly boosted employee confidence and competence, leading to tangible improvements in communication and productivity within our business. "
Naomi Light
Leavesley Group
"I used to think that I could not have a family and a career but in the last four years I have had two kids and two promotions, and I am loving it! "
Dr. Katy Milne
Chief Engineer | The Manufacturing Technology Centre
"The approach is really supportive, with Dunelm getting to understand us as a business, encouraging the participants (the directors and senior staff) and helping us to accept and work with our different styles and abilities. "
Chris Winter
Care First Ltd
"Karen and her team, have rejuvenated senior management leaders and whole department teams within the Group. She is the hidden sensation that has transformed our results in recent years. "
James Leavesley
JT Leavesley Ltd
"As an individual, Karen exudes positivity and passion for what she does and for what her clients can personally achieve, which I have found has taken my own self-confidence and performance as a leader beyond what I recognised I could achieve."
Jonathon Shaw
The Manufacturing Technology Centre
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